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Alternative to paper towels. Eco-friendly. Reusable.

Off to a Great Start

Un-paper towels make a great napkin during meals.

Our handmade un-paper towels are a great replacement for single use paper napkins during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Set the table with different themes throughout the changing seasons and special holidays!

Perfect for an Afternoon Snack

Un-paper towels are great for snacks.
Un-paper towels are great for snacks.
Un-paper towels are great for snacks.

Everyday Uses

Un-paper towels are great for snacks.
Set the table with un-paper towel napkins

More Features

Reusable and machine washable

Great for daily use throughout the home

Dual-ply terrycloth and flannel

Un-paper towel packaging options

Multi-pattern sets

Un-paper towel packaging options

Multiple purchase options

Un-paper towels snap together for easy storage

Optional snaps for rolling

Snap un-paper towels together and roll onto a dispenser


Unpaper towels are made to order in multiple packaging styles and quantities.  Each set is unique just for you. If you want to get more later, we may not be able to match exactly to your existing set.